Why Should Kids Learn Python?
Dev published on 2016-11-21T20:51:30Z

I get asked this question all the time... by parents, educators and even kids sometimes. 

Its a good question... Python is a very useful language to learn because of the paths that it feeds into, and the kind of work that you can be a participant in if you have skills. As we are increasingly living in a web-enabled world, languages of creativity in this domain are invaluable.

At the leading edge, companies like Google, IBM, Disney, VALVE (STEAM - kids will know this one)... and even locally here on Long Island at big science organizations like Brookhaven National Lab  where amazing amounts of scientific and engineering data are produced and stored... Python is used to visualize this data and make it useful by scientists and lay people.

Python is one of the top 10 tech skills of value in New York/USA/World currently, with no end in sight.

All of kidOYO... the tools, apps like Maze code, OYO website, Python Mini, the public wall with @name referencing, etc... these are all built with python, javascript, html, css and databases to store information. Learning different programming languages allows you to be creative in different ways.

These are the tools of creativity... like being able to read and write starts people being able to learn and share their knowledge... learning to code allows people to make their learning interactive through technologies like computers, smart phones and video game consoles, or even virtual reality machines that are coming into stores and classrooms these days.

Even if you want to be a doctor, or work on cars, or play music in an orchestra... learning to program and being literate in the use of languages like Python will allow people to do their work better, by being able to understand data and communicate with people easier across different technical mediums. The creative possibilities are endless really... and that's why we need more brains to understand how programming languages work...so we can dream bigger and create better!

And if that doesn't convince you... consider that in the future, you will either know how your tools work and be able to program them... or you will depend on someone that does and they will program you. 

Which sounds more empowering to you?


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