We're On Our Own
Dev published on 2016-04-14T18:24:51Z

We were rejected by another grant submission kids. This time it was the Google Aspire program. I've lost count. Lets just say, every single one we write. Our effort just does not receive funding, so we have to fund our own efforts and produce our own valuable opportunities.

We get it... our roads are paved in gold after all. (sarcasm)

The marketplace is scared of us... our advanced skills that could affect our community greatly are both really exciting and really scary. We have the power to self-provision education, opportunity, and the social-structure of learning... guess who might also want to be the one to do that?

Yeah... giving grants to organizations like ours looks risky.

I mean, what if we had the power to go teach every kid... every teacher... how to actually code... how to actually engineer...how to actually entrepreneur their own local world... can you imagine? What kind of social possibility would that enable?

Unfunded by grant or corporate-giving-welfare, produced by inspiration, perspiration and self-driven concern for all of the aspects of learning socially with kids. Programmers of the future!

We get it.

Not gonna slow us down :)

We be rolling! I am confident that with or without the support of any 3rd party, kidOYO is and will continue to produce one of the world-class educational experiences on planet Earth in the years 2006-2016 and beyond... we have redundancy, sustained interest, vested opportunity and time on our side. We are owned Individually by each of our Founding students... their families... and ourselves as equal participants in the creation of something never seen before... never experienced before.

Already, our live events are epic.

Already, our learning platform is state-of-the-art and leading edge awesome.

Already, we know whats coming next.

OYO = on your own... own your own.

Thats how we roll.

We partner with others who think and do like us.


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